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I am a big fan of Aaron Copeland. His “Fanfare for the Common Man” was the inspiration for me to write a piece for horns.

Big Sable Light
For several years, AnDro performed at Big Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Ludington as part of the music series there. It's in the picture on the front of this disc. As part of the stipend, each member of the band was allowed to book a night to stay at the lighthouse. It was a wonderful experience .

When I was a child, Weeping willows were everywhere. Now they are not seen so much. Whenever I see one it still awakens in me that feeling of magic that I had as a child.

Scoville Point
I’ve been backpacking on Isle Royale four times (so far) , and each time I immediately turned Southwest from where the ferry docks at Rock Harbor to get as far as possible into the back country as my limited time would allow. I took a little time on my most recent trip to explore the North Eastern side.

Scoville Point is the most Northern tip of the island and I was struck by the beauty of it. In my myopic haste I had missed it all those years and it was right there.
I had my alto recorder with me, and the beginning of this piece is the actual recording that I made while sitting on a jagged cliff there above Lake Superior.

Dante’s Daughter
This was written for Michele and her relationship with her late father, Dante Venegas.
We recorded it before on our 2011 “Tribe” album, but wanted to use the opportunity of having the strings to orchestrate it.
Michele considers it an ode to her father, and it shows by the beauty and sensitivity with which she plays it.

Fool’s Errand
Every album has an outlier, and that is certainly this tune for this recording. I have forgotten which particular Fool’s Errand that I was thinking about that inspired this (there have been many)
Or is it that life has been one big one…
I am actually reticent to claim this as an original piece- Michele’s brilliant improvisational work on the fiddle and Corey and Carolyn’s innovative treatment of the effects ( I pretty much stayed out of their way on the mixing of this one) upstage the melody itself. It has become one of my favorites.

The Sparrow
I first heard the song of the White Throated Sparrow on my first trip to Isle Royale. I was 18 years old. I was struck by the fact that their song was in the western mode of music, and I thought that someone should write a symphony based on that melody. Years later, as an older man, it seems that a simple guitar solo is more apropos.
I usually hear at least one passing through here in the spring and in the fall, when you can smell the cedars in the northern wind, as they migrate to and from the northern coniferous forests that they prefer. Playing or hearing this tune always takes me back to that island.

Better Days/Last Waltz
I wrote these waltzes some years back while brooding about bygone days.

Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher is also on a previous AnDro recording (Cantus Lyra) but with synthesized orchestra. we could not resist this opportunity to set it with a real string section.

Voyage of the Griffin
The Griffin was the first tall ship to sail Lake Michigan. It was built in 1679 for the purpose of fur trading with the Native American tribes of the Michigan region. She disappeared with all hands on her maiden voyage.

Tyler asked what I saw or felt when I wrote this. I told him “quiet contemplation of lost love, lost loved ones, and lost youth. Bittersweet nostalgia” I also told him with that in mind, he should take artistic license to phrase it how he felt it. I think he nailed it. Roger responded to it beautifully with synthesizer.

Solstice Fire
The inspiration for this tune was born of my sitting quietly with a glass of Bailey’s by my workshop fireplace on a snowy Winter Solstice evening.

Farewell, Bounty
This has a personal Michigan connection for me. On one of my trips to Isle Royale the ferry captain saw the Bounty in Lake Superior. He altered his course to travel alongside her for a while so that we could all get a good look.
In 2012, She was lost in the Atlantic to hurricane Sandy. This is a tribute to the ship as well as the captain ,Robin Walbrige and deck hand Claudene Christian who lost their lives that day.

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